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Last updated: 13-August-2014


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Themes & speakers

Opening session

European grasslands overview: Nordic region
Áslaug Helgadóttir

European grasslands overview: Temperate region
Christian Huyghe

European grasslands overview: Mediterranean region
Salvatore Consentino


1. Climate change: mitigation and adaptation

Synergies between mitigation and adaptation in grassland-based farming systems
Agustin del Prado

The role of grassland in mitigating climate change
Jean-Francois Soussana


2. Grassland and ecosystem services

Functions of grassland and their potential in delivering ecosystem services
Johannes Isselstein

Comparing synthetic and natural grasslands for agricultural production and ecosystem service
Mike Humphreys

3. Novel uses of grassland, including bioenergy and biorefining

Novel products from grassland: bioenergy and biorefining
Ulrich Thumm

Grasslands for forage and bioenergy use: traits and biotechnological implications
Susanne Barth


4. Livestock production

Quality and traceability of grassland products
Aidan Moloney

Sustainable intensification of grass-based ruminant production
René Baumont


5. MultiSward

Multi-species swards and mulit-scale strategies for multifunctional grassland-based ruminant production systems: An overview of the FP7 MultiSward project
Jean-Louis Peyraud


6. Approaches to forage crop improvement